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“I began my career in my hometown Southampton in 2003 taking apprenticeships under several shops in the local area. By the age of 19 I was working for myself and began travelling around europe and have been guest working in several locations. After winning some awards and alot of word of mouth I found myself quickly getting inundated with work in U.K. and abroad. I’m now the proud owner of Intense Colours Tattoo Studio and couldn’t be happier. My wish is to bring my high demand for quality with the much requested affordable price. I’m a portrait specialist but enjoy a variety of work. I believe one can never stop learning so I try to work around the clock always aiming to bring an even higher standard than previously thought possible.”Gary was recently featured in a portrait tattoo tutorial DVD. He is also working with Alla Prima Ink and Arcane Ink under their artist loyalty program.I have worked in;
– UK (current)
– Belgium (due to high demand this is an ongoing guest spot)
– Slovenia
– Germany
– Croatia

Gary's Gallery